Case Studies

Our client is an international human interaction consultancy who we’ve been working with since the fourth quarter of 2020.

Having just lost a valuable member of their team, our client needed a quick and flexible solution to achieve their growth goals for 2022. They were able to replace a full time employee with EPM. Instead of one person balancing multiple initiatives and roles, our team of experts were able to fill multiple roles and create and execute effective and efficient strategies.

The first step was to divide their current initiatives into projects and establish a project management plan for each of them, including tasks, responsibilities and deadlines. Projects include website design, regular newsletters, blog postings, email campaigns, LinkedIn campaigns, webinars and CRM configuration.

In order to get the most out of the webinars, we set up a four-part email sequence leading up to the event along with a registration page, both of which utilized the company's brand. We connected the registration page to their CRM which allowed us to capture information and thus further build their database. To ensure that the webinar has a professional look and feel, we sourced and added an expert for webinars to our team who supported our client with all the technical details, scripting and a rehearsal

All of our inbound and outbound activities including webinars, email sequencing and LinkedIn outreach are approached with the goal of increasing visibility and conversely the number of opportunities; all of which is tracked in the CRM. It has been crucial to establish processes and automations that support sales activities. Since we were part of our client's sales team, it was important for us to set up the CRM in a way that it is efficient and easy to work with for other team members. We evaluated the existing sales process and CRM, and then adjusted and optimized these processes to support the goals and initiatives of the individual team members and company. The processes included instructions for the team as well necessary automations which we implemented.

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Our client is an international program that brings together organizations to support carbon neutrality and sustainability, and we have been working together since July 2021.

The goal is to assist with building relationships with large companies around the world, specifically companies who are emitting carbon and are looking for ways to neutralize their output. We provide direct message targeted outbound campaigns to executives and sustainability leaders within organizations. Our goal is to introduce qualified stakeholders directly to our client's executive team by setting up video conference meetings. We then assist with pipeline management after meetings have been held to ensure the relationships we have initiated are being followed through with and converting.

We have been able to build relationships with some of the largest airlines in the world as well as dozens of fortune 500 companies.

In addition to our direct message strategy we also support webinar campaigns where we are responsible for overall strategy, planning, building of registration page, segmentation of registrants, moderation, video editing for sharing, and follow up messaging communication post campaign.

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This client is an early stage social impact start-up who we’ve been working with since 2020.

When we first engaged, we had to partake in a heavy direct outbound communication strategy where we identified multiple perceived target client industries and regions. After identifying industry and regions we built a list of job titles that we identified as the appropriate stakeholders of the businesses to discuss partnering. We initiated communication with over 1000 targeted individuals for this first campaign. Our initial outreach helped us understand what was important for businesses to engage and use our clients' platform. Our learnings indicated that we needed to adjust the business model and create a new Go-to-Market Strategy then re-approach the most opportunistic target clients. We assisted in the creation and design of 3 new business models to engage businesses. We then initiated our second direct outbound communication strategy adding over 1000 more qualified contacts into our communications to establish relationships and arrange meetings.

Our client wanted to expand the sales team to be able to target more industries and regions and asked if we could recruit executive level sales people. Over a 3 month period we conducted a recruitment campaign where we posted jobs on several job boards, scrubbed resumes, conducted screening interviews, then introduced qualified candidates to the CEO for final round interviews. Our efforts enabled our client to hire 5 new executive sales representatives composed of individuals across the US and EU. We also created strategic partnerships from our job postings leading to commission contracted partners.

Throughout our engagement we have provided Hubspot CRM training and support for their team as well as created activity and pipeline management and reporting, email sequencing, initial discovery calls with client opportunities and sales process building including proposal ideation.

Our most recent initiative is Investor Engagement. We helped our client identify potential investors that have previously invested in similar companies then lead outreach and facilitated meetings and follow ups.

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Our client, an ecommerce company focused on building a new circular economy with food, came to EPM looking for support with increasing organic online presence on a national level.

To increase visibility, we performed intensive keyword research in which we identified a number of keyword groups that their target customers are searching for. After the research we undertook a competitive analysis of the keywords we selected to identify the top companies on page one that were ranking for each keyword group we identified. Performing a competitive analysis provides us with a projection of how quickly we anticipate getting to page 1 and also which keyword groups to prioritize.

From here we built out 3 landing pages dedicated to 3 keyword groups. We heavily optimized copy and imagery on these landing pages as well as embedded optimized products. Once pages were live we undertook a backlinking strategy in which we continue to support. We have been able to increase our clients organic traffic significantly and continue to support their SEO initiatives.

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